Articolo pubblicato su SputnikNews il 14/04/2020

Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has confined most of the world to spending all day, every day within four walls, life - while drastically changed - goes on due to technological progress. Work, education, shopping, meetings with relatives, and parties with friends – it seems everything has become digital.

Articolo pubblicato su SputnikNews il 12/04/2020

Software developers have been increasingly throwing their weight behind the efforts of governments and health authorities as they accelerate efforts to find ways of slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, to save lives, protect people and get economies up and running amid the fallout from the pandemic.

Articolo pubblicato da R. Galullo e A. Mincuzzi su IlSole24Ore il 24/03/2020

L’allarme è scattato tra gli esperti di cyber security di tutto il mondo: stanno spuntando decine di migliaia di siti e di app che utilizzano le parole “coronavirus”, “covid-19”, “pandemia”, “virus” o “vaccino” per attirare ignari navigatori e scatenare il contagio